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  Values courage, integrity,  encouragement

For quite some time, Doug was the sole employee of Independent Lock and Parts, as the business’s customer base grew, he was thrilled to hire Mike O’Neil in 2013. Once Mike and Doug partnered up, business nearly doubled. Together they make every effort to provide their customers quality and affordable electronic security to go along with the professional locksmith solutions that make up the core of their business.

Mike was born and raised in a city just south of Seattle, WA while his wife is a Billings native. In 1999, Mike and his wife moved their family back Billings, MT. They find the quality of life and the quality of people in Montana to be unsurpassed by any other. While their children now are grown, Mike and his wife feel blessed to have raised their children in the Billings community and feel even more blessed to watch their grandchildren growing up in this wonderful state we call home.

Mike’s background and experience were in low voltage electronic components. He understands the electronics ends of things and is a crucial part of the growth of Independent Lock and Parts. Because of Mike’s knowledge and experience they are able to install cameras, hard-wire card readers, and other control access and computer programming related systems. Mike really raised the bar on a lot of things when he joined the team. Mike and Doug both agree their goal is not to get rich, but rather they aim to provide for their families, serve their community, take care of their customers’ needs and most importantly they both strive to honor and glorify God with all that they do.

In his free time, Mike spends quality time with my wife, children, and grandchildren. He enjoys being outdoors, hunting, hiking and playing golf. He also enjoys spending time reading and serving my community through our church. Mike has learned that the greatest characteristics to strive for are to be a man of courage, live with integrity, be motivated, and encourage others.