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Come on now, own up. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been locked out of your home or your car and needed to engage the services of a locksmith (as opposed to forcefully introducing a pot plant to the window). It’s okay, there’s no shame in that. We’ve all been there. A commercial locksmith can be a veritable lifesaver in a number of scenarios. If, for whatever reason, you need to gain access to your home without a key, you need to change your locks to keep someone unwelcome out or you need to make your home more secure.

In the business world, however, you may well find that a commercial locksmith is even more useful to you. In an age where businesses face more security risks than ever before in the digital realm and in the real world, it behoves businesses of all shapes and sizes to keep a commercial locksmith on speed dial. Here are just a few of the ways in which a commercial locksmith can be invaluable to your operation.

1. They keep your business safe and secure

The sad truth is that thieves and malcontents are tireless in their attempts to undermine and in filtrate your security. That’s why you ensure that your digital infrastructure has a range of redundancies in place to prevent cyber attacks from phishing to ransomware. But criminals can do just as much damage if they gain access to your physical premises. A commercial locksmith can audit your security infrastructure and suggest ways in which you can improve security measures to make your business premises safer and more secure.

2. They can design and implement access control systems

You don’t want to hand a set of keys to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. But at the same time you want to ensure that employees can get the access they need to reduce downtime and give your customers the accessibility and quality of service that they deserve.

You may be trusting enough to have a new key cut every time you need to grant access to the premises to a new member of staff like a manager. However, these keys can be copied without your permission creating a black hole in your security provision. An access control system affords business owners greater control over which employees get access to their premises at any given time. A commercial locksmith can work collaboratively with you to design and implement an access control system which keeps your operation running smoothly while providing accountability for employees and robust security for your business premises.

3. They can grant you quick access when you get locked out

Small business owners all dread turning up at the start of a business day and feeling the icy fist of terror clench around their stomachs when they realize that they have lost or misplaced their keys and are unable to gain access to their premises.

When this happens to your house keys it can be inconvenient, embarrassing and annoying… But when it happens to your business premises keys it can be disastrous. It can result in profit-sapping downtime and even prevent you from being able to open for the day. This could result in missed deliveries, the inability to follow through on promises made to customers and all manner of other business nightmares.

Fortunately, a commercial locksmith can help to get you quick and easy access to your premises with a minimum of fuss. You can be back up and running quickly and protect your business’ reputation. They can even change the locks right then and there for your business’ security and your peace of mind.

4. They can reprogram your security system in the event of a breach

Of course, changing locks is just the tip of the iceberg. A commercial locksmith can sometimes help to strengthen your security if your nightmare scenario should come to pass. In the event that your premises is breached by criminals this creates a weak spot in your security upon which other criminals may try and capitalize.

Aside from replacing breached locks, a commercial locksmith can recode your entire security system to reduce the chances of a repeat break in by opportunistic thieves. Of course, a breach isn’t the only instance in which you might need to recode your security system. They can also assist when you need to make changes to your security infrastructure due to employee turnover.

5. They can provide safe services

Every business has secure items such as cash and important documents which need to be kept safe. Many commercial locksmiths also provide safe services in line with your unique needs (or at least direct you to a company that they recommend). As well as providing you with a secure safe they can also add new locks, bolts and anchoring tools that make your safe harder to extract from your premises.

No matter what you need to keep secure, your commercial locksmith can ensure that your safe couldn’t be… safer!

6. They can reprogram your key fobs quickly and easily

Many businesses in the digital age eschew traditional keys for digitally encoded fobs that allow faster and potentially more secure access. However, when you move to a new business premises or undergo employee turnover, these fobs need to be encoded to maintain optimum security.

Can A Locksmith Program A Key Fob?

Yes! What many business owners don’t realize is that your commercial locksmith can help them here, too. They can reprogram key fobs quickly to provide an efficient and seamless transition for your business which maximizes uptime without compromising your security provision.

How Can We Help You?

Now that you’ve seen just a handful of ways in which your business can benefit from the services of a commercial locksmith the only pertinent question is… How can you expect your business to remain secure without one?

At Independent Lock and Parts we provide the highest quality locks, parts and locksmith services for businesses of all shapes and sizes encompassing both digital and traditional locks. From emergency home lockout services to implementation of access control systems, you should consider us your one stop shop for all your commercial and domestic security needs.

Get in touch with Doug or Quincy McGrail today and let us know how we can help to make your business more secure.

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